Kyrkebacken is a completely new area at Hjortseryd, beautifully situated right next to Lake Hjortseryd.

It has 7 cozy double rooms. 5 of them have a shower and toilet in the room and the other 2 share these facilities. The building also has a sauna, lounge and wine cellar. The meeting rooms and restaurant are next door.


Hjortseryd's little gem is a meeting place inside of the game preserve that provides 3 double rooms and 1 single room with a toilet and shower in the rooms. This cozy 19th century building was recently thoroughly renovated and is equipped with a modern kitchen by Lidhults Kök. We conjure up dinner with our magic chef. The building has comfortable and convenient meeting places.



Södergården has space for 10 people in simple accommodations. The beds are divided up between 3 double rooms, 1 triple room and a single room. Our large meeting room is called Jaktstugan, which means hunting shack in Swedish. It is suited for conferences of around 35 people and is also the rendezvous point for hunting and fishing activities. The building is adjacent to the game preserve where memorable sights of red deer and mouflon await.




Why not try out... the way famous Swedish author Wilhelm Moberg's characters Karl-Oskar and Kristina lived in the 19th century in our accommodations at Rydala, which has been restored to its original style and is close to one of our beautiful natural lakes. You will have the opportunity to take a break from life's stress and, as in the past, experience how life took its time with cooking on a wood stove, pumping your own fresh water and heating the house with firewood. A gas stove and refrigerator are also available upon request..

The newly renovated old tenant farmer's cottage is in the middle of the wilderness and has lakes within walking distance.

7 people can stay here in good old-fashioned Comfort.