About Hjortseryd

Hjortseryd is an outstanding meeting place in the wilderness of Småland. We offer carefully arranged conference rooms, excellent accommodations and activities including hunting, fishing, nature experiences and food and beverage activities. We have assembled several short and long activities, so you are sure to find something that fits in with your meeting. If you would like to have specially customized meeting content, we can take care of that. Write your special requests in the reservation inquiry form and you will receive a proposal within 24 hours. We work with hunting and fishing professionals, food and beverage professionals, and nature experience professionals. We use locally produced ingredients and our menus feature seasonal produce for breakfast, lunch and dinner to the greatest extent possible. 

Lennart Jönsson



Lennart may not know all of the game in our wilderness personally, but he has seen a whole lot of them. The forest is Lennart's baby and we promise an unforgettable day in the flora and fauna if you get to go on a hike with him. He has a big heart and will make sure you have a good time and that your privacy is respected while visiting Hjortseryd.



Emma Liedman

Conference hostess

Emma will make sure your meeting is the highlight of your year. She is a local and can tell you the story of the peatlands and the adjacent land. She is passionate about horses, especially calm, affectionate cold bloods. Emma is always on hand if you have any questions.



Andreas Johansson


Andreas is a chef that is passionate about food, hunting and nature. He has worked at various restaurants across Sweden, from fine dining restaurants to school cafeterias. Given his strong interest in nature and hunting, there is no better place to work and live than Hjortseryd, says Andreas.



Donne Svensson

Conference hostess

Donne already made herself at home in the Hjortseryd area as a child and has been together with Affe for many years. She grew up in the restaurant world and enjoys preparing the rooms and serving guests. She lives on a small farm in Ljushult and enjoys horseback riding, forestry and farming.



Anna Berg

Conference hostess

Anna gladly takes care of guests, and makes sure they are enjoying their stay and that the rooms and restaurants are nice and clean. She is also the one who mixes and serves up aperitifs before dinner, always with a smile on her face and a glimmer in her Eye.


Our activity experts

There are lakes, peatlands and animals in the woods, and we work together with professional guides and assistants to ensure that our guests get the most out of their visit and have a great time.


Martin Ahlström

Fishing guide

Angling is one of our biggest recreational activities. Martin's greatest passion is fly fishing and he has fished his whole life. He has done angling work full-time in recent years and has regular fly fishing courses, guided tours etc. Going fishing is a must when you visit Hjortseryd and our outstanding nature, and Martin will help you out with the right equipment etc. to make your fishing experience a success.


Kerstin Granlund

Mushroom consultant

Kerstin knows everything there is to know about berries and mushrooms and how they affect your health. Depending on when, you can choose to add a mushroom adventure or a spirits tasting to your conference, with Kerstin as your guide, in Hjortseryd's wilderness pantry.



Anders Liedman

Horse wrangler

Anders is a horse wrangler with a big heart. In a carriage, he will take you to a pleasant picnic site or on a guided tour of the wilderness.




Anna Liljeqvist


Anna tells stories, old and new, both Småland legends and tales from the other side of the globe. They can be so hilarious and vulgar that you can't help but laugh. They can be nostalgic, and they can also be rather mundane. Listeners can emphasize and sympathize with her tales.



Lennart Jönsson


In addition to being CEO of Hjortseryd Vildmarks AB, Lennart is also a hunt leader. His vast knowledge of animals and nature blends perfectly with his incredible calmness, which makes for a lovely time on multi-day hunts or shorter hunts during your conference.



Andreas Johansson


Would you like to cook dinner with the chef as part of your conference or as a nice kick-off? Submit your reservation inquiry and we'll get back to you with a proposal.