At Lake Grytsjön, we can offer you all the excitement of angling for big pike. The lake we fish for pike in is around 5 hectares and has several appealing inlets, rock collections and clumps of reeds. You can fish from a boat or a float tube.

The lake is shallow, with an average depth of 1.5 meters, and has a steady supply of mature pike. It is a no-kill zone, meaning we practice catch and release fishing, so all captured fish are documented and set free.

When your group visits Hjortseryd to fish, we guarantee that you will be alone by the water.

 Price SEK 1,200 per group, 2 boats with paddles included. Electric motor rental: SEK 500 per motor.

A guide can be hired for an additional fee.


Here at Hjortseryd, we have a lake with an abundance of introduced salmon and rainbow trout. The lake is natural and has varying depths; it is situated like a beautiful pearl in the woods.

The lake is around 2 hectares and you can fish from land, a float tube or a boat. There is a wind shelter and a BBQ site at the lake. The lake has a wide variety of insects, which contributes to beautiful, thriving game fish.

Ready-to-catch rainbow trout and salmon are introduced continuously throughout the season. The weight of the introduced fish is 1-4 kg.

When your group visits Hjortseryd to fish, we guarantee that you will be alone by the water. Hjortseryd provides different accommodation options, but we currently have a package price for rainbow trout and salmon fishing that includes accommodations. SEK 6,600, including 1 fish per person and accommodation in Södergården for max 8 people.

We will help you customize fishing activities with accommodations etc. for your Group.



In cooperation with Sunnedamms Sportfiske and Björns Sportfiske, Hjortseryd can offer various exclusive fishing packages that can include:

• Catch & release of big pike at Hjortseryd
• Salmon trout and rainbow trout fishing at Sunnedamm and Vänneån
• Trolling at Bolmen
• Rainbow trout fishing at Hjortseryd

7 nights at our charming accommodations at Fållen, with an option for full board. Fållen is in the middle of our magnificent game preserve and offers views of red deer and mouflon. The house has a kitchen, 2 living rooms, 1 single room and 3 double rooms (all with their own baths/toilets). Read more about our accommodations here...

With 7 beds, you can bring along guests who don't want to fish.

Feel free to contact us for more information about prices and availability.