Activities & Events


Food is a high priority for us here at Hjortseryd. The meat we serve comes from our own land and is processed in our wild game slaughterhouse. We strive to use locally produced raw materials to the greatest extent possible. We use Småland flavors as a basis and compose a range of high-quality meal experiences, which give you an all-around pleasant experience in terms of cooking, atmosphere, knowledge and service.


Cook with the chef

It is an amazing experience to be one of the chefs and to create the evening meal together.



Wine tasting

You get to taste four to six kinds of wine, depending on your preferred theme (red, white, Italian, French, etc.). You will also learn everything about the various kinds of wines and the differences between them, such as how they look, smell and taste, as well as their composition..


Chocolate tasting

Meet our expert and taste chocolates with different origins and qualities.


Coffee tasting

An activity for coffee lovers. Challenge your concept of how coffee is supposed to taste.



There are 2,000 hectares of wilderness south of the main road. We know this area very well and would be happy to guide you through it. You can see incredible sights here, such as the playing wood grouse, cloven-hoofed animals silently sneaking past, or golden eagles diving down from the sky. When we’re out in nature without a fishing rod or any other hunting weapon, we like to bring along a camera. Each day offers new scenes, so we have assembled several options to help you enjoy these sights of nature. You can do all of this when we meet at Hjortseryd.


Moose safari

Follow us through dawn and dusk for a few weeks in April and May as we journey through the surrounding area and check out the local moose population.

Horse & Carriage

Sit back in the carriage comfortably as it takes you through the nature of Småland. We’ll pause by the lake or at the forest cottage to enjoy the tranquility and a packed snack basket.

Fishing as a conference activity

Fishing in one of Hjortseryd's lakes is an excellent activity to have at your conference. We have easily accessible fishing waters with an abundance of introduced rainbow trout that are ready to bite.



Food and well-being are a high priority for us here at Hjortseryd. We want our guests to experience Hjortseryd's serene, harmonious atmosphere. As one guest said, you can hear the silence here. Take the opportunity to pamper yourself and thus get more out of your meeting here at Hjortseryd.

- Classic massage

- Tactile massage: A soft massage.

- Shiatsu massage: Shiatsu massage is a Japanese body therapy also called Japanese acupressure massage.

- Yoga: Yoga is about finding balance in your body and soul through breathing techniques and relaxation.

- Qigong: Qigong is a Chinese movement and breathing discipline practiced around the World.

Weddings & parties

Hjortseryd has the perfect setting for romance and good times with your family. The open environment offers a great deal of space for energetic children to run around, perfect for family gatherings or a small wedding. We will make you feel at home, but you don't have to deal with all of the preparations or hosting the party, because we’ll take care of it for you. Get in touch and we'll help you with weddings, baptisms, confirmations, birthday parties and mother's/father's day celebrations – basically any kind of party. We'll set up a tour of the entire facility, including the party rooms and the accommodations, and we'll introduce you to the chef.